Sebastián Cruz Band

Excerpts from live performance at Terraza 7. June 30, 2017


Sombras, live at Barbès. June 24, 2017

Sebastián Cruz Band is my project after Coba and The Cheap Landscape Trio. It combines elements from both: like Coba, it’s a band built around original songs, but it incorporates the energy and creative improvisation of the Cheap Landscape. Also, this time around I’m doing the singing. Sebastian Cruz Band features Sebastian Cruz on voice, guitar and compositions, Oscar Noriega on clarinet, Curtis Hasselbring on trombone, Stomu Takeishi on bass and Satoshi Takeishi on drums. All veteran fearless musicians from the New York City music scene, each adding their own world to the songs and the rhythms-mostly from the Afro-Colombian tradition.