Resume (downloads PDF)

  •  love and stuff. Dir. Judith Helfand. (Op-doc for New York Times)

[View here]

  • A Serene Monk in a Restless Country. Dir. Lina Dorado. (documentary)

Title: Bogotá

Title: Lamento

Title: Cabeza y Corazón

  • Buscando a Miguel. Dir. Juan Fischer. (feature length)

Scene: End Credits. Title: El Sol de Adentro


Scene: Sol y Miguel Iglesia. Title: Sacred Blue Dress


  • Bella Vista (Dance, coreography by Daniel fetecua)






  • Vals de Noche
  • Asian Landscape 1
  • Asian Landscape 2


  • haiku. (Personal project. Seven very short videos (almost like moving photographs) scored for flute and guitar) Music and video by Sebastian Cruz

Guitar – Sebastian Cruz; flute – Sam Sadigursky


  • Fiber One (TV ad)


  • Pack, Strap, Swallow. Dir. Holly Page-Joyner (documentary, Sundance)

Scene: end credits. Title: From a Land with no seasons


  • Legally Blind. Dir. Ingrid Rojas. (Documentary, PBS)

Scene: Intro. Title: Battery Park Ferry