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For Booking hours: (347)209-9160

Audio Samples

¿Y Tu Que Has Hecho? Eusebio Delfín (additional lyrics Sebastián Cruz)

Fuego, Humo, Arena y cenizas
Recorded and Mixed by Sebastian Cruz



El Manubrio
From the upcoming second album by the Cheap Landscape Trio. Recorded by Satoshi Takeishi and Sebastian Cruz, mixed by Sebastian Cruz

What we have:
8 Apogee AD converters
4 Apogee Ensemble preamps
4 Mackie preamps
8 channels – PreSonus digimax LT
Pro Tools – Logic – Reaper – Harrison Mixbus – tons of plugins
Adam A7X monitors
dbx-163x compressor
Lexicon LXP1 reverb unit
AT 4047 SV
2 AT 4041
Modified MXL 990 (most electronics upgraded, RK-47 large diaphragm capsule)
Oktava MK-319 large diaphragm condenser
Cascade fathead ribbon mic
Electro-Voice RE20
2 Shure sm 58
Subkick mic
Mesa Boogie blue angel guitar amp
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Pearl Session Series drum-kit
Traditional Atlantic Coast Colombian drums (tambora, alegre, llamador)

Additional perks:

The rooms are acoustically treated with absorbers and diffusers for optimal sound. The whole studio is like a small house with bathroom, shower, kitchen, oven, fridge. It’s peaceful and with lots of natural light during the day.



walking in tracking room
ensemble, dbx, lexicon, digimax drums and amps drummers perspective drummer corner

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