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Sebastian Cruz, Songs for Tiny Giants

Sebastian’s children’s music project! view a special page dedicated to this here!







sebastian cruz and the cheap landscape trio

“Sebastian Cruz and the Cheap Landscape Trio is an imaginative and playful concoction of Colombian influences and urban electricity.” Jim Shulstad,

The Cheap Landscape is an Afro-Colombian-Creative Music trio with a Punk-Rock spirit. Inspired not only in Colombian traditional music, but in Colombian culture as a whole, the Cheap Landscape Trio explores different aspects of what it means to be Colombian through the electricity of a power trio in NY.

Featuring world class improvisers Stomu Takeishi (Henry Threadgill, Coung Vu, Tronzo Trio, Myra Melford) on bass, and Satoshi Takeishi (Ray Barretto, Eliane Elias, Erik Friedlander, Antony Braxton, Theo Bleckmann/Ben Monder) on drums, alongside Sebastian Cruz’ guitar (Coba, Lucia Pulido ensemble, La Cumbiamba eNeYé) the Cheap Landscape Trio is unexpected, urban, daring, Colombian and universal.

here’s some audio, and some video.

an old Cheap Landscape flyer


“Coba blends Colombian…root musics into an energetic jazz-rock stew.” The Village Voice.

Coba is a multi-sized ensemble (from “cobita” to large band) that presents my songwriting work in Spanish. It takes a little from Colombian Afro-Caribbean roots, and mixes it “spontaneously” with other musical styles. It may at different times have some jazz, rock or chamber music hints, weaved around spanish sung texts.

Coba’s performances go from intimate and subtle to boisterous and explosive.

I have released two CDs with Coba (visit the CDs page) that have included some of my favorite singers: Lucia Pulido, Joana Duah, Yarimir Cabán (Mima), and many more

some audio

an old Coba flyer

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