Little Love

Little Love

My son Manuel Arcadio (Manú) is already a year old! While Mónica was pregnant with him, and we had yet to meet him face to face, I wrote this song for him. This recording features the voice of Marta Gomez, Ruben Samama on bass, and assorted instruments (all the ones that aren’t a form of guitar or shaker…those are by me) and Manú’s heart beat while in the womb!

Little Love
music and Lyrics, Sebastian Cruz

Little love of mine
You came to be inside
Your mother’s sky like
Silent thunder
Quiet spark inside
I know it’s dark in there
And warm and loud and
Always night it’s
Life before words
Little light of ours
Your glow is warm and tender

Little life in her
You’re made of dreams
Of sacred symbols and
Vibrations when you
Break your silence
You will baptize
Our new life with your first cry of life

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